Counter-Strike: Global Offensive bombed by over 14,000 negative reviews after going free-to-play

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  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has just released its biggest update yet, as the game has gone free-to-play and introduced its own battle royale mode, Danger Zone. The update has met with some criticism however, as the game has since been bombarded by over 14,000 negative reviews on Steam.

  Much of the game’s playerbase was not happy with the game’s decision to go free-to-play however, as they felt that the $14.99 they paid for the game before the game-changing has gone to waste.

  As such, the CS:GO store page on Steam was bombarded by 14,327 negative Steam reviews on the day of the update alone. That amount of negative reviews in a single day far exceeded that of in any entire month for CS:GO since Steam added a user review system back in 2013.

  Other players were also hoping for more substantial rewards than the loyalty badge they received for having purchased the game prior to the update.

  Another issue frequently cited in the negative reviews was the changes made to ‘Prime’ Matchmaking. Previously, it was only limited to players who added a legitimate phone number to their accounts and played long enough to reach Rank 21. This was thought to be a way to combat hackers in-game.

  CS:GO’s Danger Zone update however made it so that anyone who purchased the game prior to the update has been elevated to Prime.

  Many players are weary that, with the changes to Prime Matchmaking and how much easier it is to get the game now that it’s free-to-play, hackers will proliferate in CS:GO more than ever before.

  For the most part, players were not too displeased by the addition of the battle royale mode however. Some were impressed by the fact that CS:GO developer Valve tailored the mode to still fit in within the scope and theme of the game instead of just copying the formulae of other battle royale games.

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  The surge of negative reviews were not truly indicative of the game’s state since the update however, as the amount?of peak concurrent players for CS:GO is the highest it’s been all year.

  Instead of reflecting on the status of a game as a whole, Steam reviews instead often reflect on a playerbase’s reaction to single decisions made by developers. This is most likely the case for CS:GO.

  Whatever the case may be, CS:GO’s latest update clearly signals that the game is heading towards a new direction. Of course, not everyone will be happy about that.